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Tel: 01732 862137

The League of Friends, Edenbridge & District War Memorial Hospital, Mill Hill, Edenbridge, Kent

Contacts – League of Friends

Chairman: Mrs Jo Naismith
Guildables, Guildables Lane, Crockham Hill, Edenbridge TN8 6QU. Tel 01732 860148

Hon. Secretary: Mrs Val Bantin
Tel. 01732 457686

Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Marnie Woodward
The Old Forge, Sciths Lane Crockham Hill, Edenbridge TN8 6RH. Tel. 01732 866308

Membership Secretary: Mrs Marnie Woodward
The Old Forge, Smiths Lane, Crockham Hill, EdenbridgeCamrie, High Street, Brasted, Westerham TN8 6RH. Tel. 01732 866308

Contacts – Hospital

Modern Matron – Inpatient Services: Rachel Nicholls
Tel. 01732 862137

Modern Matron – MIU & Outpatient Services: Rachael Renshaw
Tel. 01732 862137


Summer Fete – Saturday 3rd June 2-4PM